Industrial Manufacturing 4.0

Challenges of Industrial Manufacturing

Despite the current uncertainty, you need to ensure an optimal service level to your customers. Consequently, you must anticipate the supply of raw materials ---despite increasing lead times---, produce the right products in the right quantity, and ship finished goods to the appropriate distribution center to control your transportation costs and delivery time.
Does your current demand planning process allow you to meet your customers' needs?
SKU Science offers a solid alternative to Excel and other demand forecasting software, often complex to use and maintain.
Our solution brings much more than just forecasts. See below how we can support your S&OP process.

Improve your demand planning process

Supported by the publication of several books, SKU Science offers a simple and effective
method to improve your demand planning process. While many vendors only talk about AI algorithms,
our solution supports a well-defined demand forecasting framework to ease your S&OP process.
Like many industrial customers, you will easily apply the best practices in demand forecasting. 

The platform generates a
baseline forecast using
specialized algorithms
implemented by our data
science experts.

Your teams can enrish baseline
forecasts with information
collected from the field.

Thanks to lead time-related
KPIs, your forecasts are
automatically sorted and
organized to focus on
business-critical products.

Optimize your forecasts for what matters



Improve your forecasts according
to lead times of your supplies.



Optimize your forecasts
according to production lead times.



Analyze your forecasts in
relation with your distribution
centers lead times.

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