SKU Science

Supply chain data management for all

We gather everything from sales, demand, forecasts, inventory and KPI. It’s your supply chain data, in one place that’s easy to analyze.

Demand Forecasting

  • Let us choose among 6 statistical models for optimal demand forecasting.

  • Compare your organization demand forecasting methods with our computed forecasts.

  • Spare your time and monitor your forecast accuracy per family group to easily spot which products need your attention.

  • Enrich the forecast with your own information.

  • Keep track of historical forecasts to challenge the status quo and implement successful strategies.

Inventory planning

  • Choose your inventory planning policy among our models and directly see your stock projections and associated replenishment/manufacturing orders.

  • Compute the ideal safety stock requirement based on your supply chain network.

  • Visualize and analyze your inventory quality thanks to our inventory segmentation capabilities and assess your level of excess stock and shortage.

  • Get a consolidated view of product families to ease S&OP process and production planning.

  • Visualize your ABC inventory classification based on your custom settings.

Supply Chain KPI

  • Access pre-built supply chain KPI dashboards and create custom ones in seconds.

  • Easily monitor different supply chain KPI for inventory planning (excess, shortage, slow movers) and demand forecast (accuracy, bias).

  • Export your reports and share KPI dashboards with your stakeholders.

Supply Chain Data

  • Create custom reports in seconds

  • Import and manage your own supply chain data in a reliable environment.

  • Create and manage families of SKUs to visualize consolidated data according to your needs.

  • Consolidate data from various ERPs into one unique dataset.

  • Share your reports and charts with your colleagues