Fast & simple sales forecasting
and performance tracking

We gather everything from sales, forecasts, KPIs and operational review dashboards.
All in one place, that’s easy to analyze!


Quickly get your forecasts & without effort

  • Based on your historical data, SKU Science calculates your forecasts at the appropriate level for your business (item, item / customer or any other combination).

  • We automatically select the best forecast from 644 statistical combinations, detecting trends and seasonalities.

  • Each forecast can be modified at any level to save you precious time (item, customer, store, territory, product family ...).

Drive efficient business review
with off-the-shelf dashboards

Fiscal year dashboard
  • The platform hosts your historical sales and compute your forecasts, hence you instantly access business review dashboards to analyze your business trend and take corrective actions.

  • For each period, compare your business performance against the fiscal year budget and last year performance.

  • Aggregate your data in any format (item, product family, territory, customer,...) to dynamically update dashboards for an easy operational performance review.

  • Visualize your backlog vs the forecast and budget to quickly understand what remains to be done for a successful year end.

Improve your performance
with sales forecast KPIs

  • For each element, we compute the SKU Science forecast accuracy vs your historical data, so that you can easily check the accuracy of our models.

  • Modify the baseline forecasts or upload an external forecast from the sales team or any other source; we track your forecast value added against the SKU Science baseline.

  • Forecast accuracy, absolute error and bias are automatically computed according to your lead time. Plus each error is financially valued to focus your attention on topics really important for your business.

Sales forecast KPI

Faster business review with custom reports

Forecast report
  • All data generated by SKU Science can be organized in custom reports for easier and faster business review.

  • All reports can be exported and reused in other IT systems (ERP, BI,...)

  • Create value by consolidating your data to serve your business needs.

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