Sales and demand forecasting for all

We gather everything from sales, forecasts and KPI. It’s your forecast data, in one place that’s easy to analyze.

Demand Forecasting

  • Automatic selection from 644 combinations of statistical models for optimal demand forecasting.

  • Adjust your forecasts at any level (customer, territory, product family, etc...)

  • Automatic allocation of multi-level forecasts at the lowest level

  • Historical forecasts backup to improve your forecasts

  • Sort your items based on history or forecasts (volume & finance)

Forecast KPI

  • SKU Science automatically tracks forecast errors and biases against actual demand to improve your forecasts.

  • One-click access to previous forecasts to improve your accuracy during the next cycle.

  • Automatic tracking of key performance indicators based on time lags (n-1, n-2, etc ...)

  • Compare your SKU Science forecast with an external forecast (e.g. a budget or forecast generated by another team).

Value your data

  • Create custom reports in seconds with the ability to aggregate data at multiple levels.

  • Upload and manage your own data in a reliable environment.

  • Create value by consolidating your data to serve your business needs.