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  • Easily upload your historical sales with our AI-powered assistant, or let us set up your account for free, so you can focus on the essentials

  • Check the automatic recognition of your data, then confirm your upload


  • SKU Science calculates all sales forecasts by selecting the best of 644 statistical combinations for each item.

  • Visualize and edit your forecast for each item and at any level (customer, territory, family of products ...). KPIs are calculated for each new period.


  • Export all your forecasts in one click for use on another platform if necessary.

  • Thus, you remain completely independent.

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We gather everything from sales, forecasts and KPI.
All your forecast data, in one place that's easy to analyze!

Already used in 36 countries and many industries

Ben Harris: National Manager – Business Planning - Bridgestone Australia Ltd.

"We recommend using SKU science because of the great service we received. The system is very intuitive and saved my team a lot of time from its multi-level forecast editing capabilities"



Quickly get your adjusted forecasts
for each item and at any level
from 644 statistical combinations


In a few minutes and without special knowledge you generate your forecasts
like a data-science expert


With us, you run no risk!
Your forecasts can be exported in one click,
you remain completely independent

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