Get your accurate sales/demand forecasts immediately


Get your stock projections effortlessly and automatically


Optimize your organization performances thanks to supply chain KPIs computed for you


Manage your custom dataset,
charts, reports, dashboards
and share them


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We gather everything from sales, inventory, forecasts and KPI.
It’s your supply chain data, in one place that’s easy to analyze.

How it works

Simple and effortless

  • Keep track of historical data. Import your sales/demand, inventory and item reference spreadsheets thanks to our wizard.

  • Check the data preview and validate the import.

  • You’ll get an email notification once the import is done with a detailed status report.

Visualize and analyze your data instantaneously

  • Access off-the-shelf graphs to explore, track and compare various forecast strategies.

  • Validate your demand forecast against several different statistical forecasts.

  • Optimize your inventory policies and visualize your inventory quality.

  • One click access to pre-built reports, dashboards and KPI tailored to your needs. Create your custom versions in seconds.

Share dashboards with your stakeholders in one click

  • Want to share your graphs and dashboards with your colleagues, boss, suppliers ? That’s easy, we offer many options: url, email, pdf, excel...

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