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Forecasts and dashboards when uncertainty prevails.

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faster analytics

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Built for operations managers, S&OP managers,

supply chain managers, demand planners

Sales forecasts

Our forecasting engine is powered by Nicolas Vandeput, renowned
expert and author. Each sales forecast is unique and determined
from 644 statistical
combinations. Forecasts can be calculated at
any level (article,
product family, article by customer, ...).
A change in your supply chain? Thanks to our multi-level forecast
editor, modifications are child's play (customer, territory, ...).

Easy business review

Sales forecast KPIs and operational follow-up dashboards are instantly
helping you to focus on items really important for your
supply chain and business.
In the blink of an eye, you can instantly view current business performance
your budget and the previous year.

Data security

Customer trust and data security are critical to everything we do at SKU Science.
All data is encrypted and hosted on AWS servers to offer you the best security and service guarantees.
You can get more information on how we manage your data here.

Already used in 74 countries and many industries

Mauricio Rendon
Operations manager, ANZ

The platform works really well and it is a user-friendly, fast, simple and reliable tool, which provides outstanding results compared to other high-priced software and ERPs with forecasting applications.

Alvaro Manuel D.
Supply Chain Director

Simplifies a lot of tasks related to forecasting and demand planning. It´s very easy to implement and easy to use.

Mark Yull

Senior Business Analyst


The support from the team is first class despite being the other side of the world. On friday we sent all the data files to SKU Science and by the time Monday arrived to Australia it was all ready to go !

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With COVID, demand forecasting
becomes more and more difficult.
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