Affiliate Program SKU Science

Earn commissions while helping us


How it works

Encourage your customers 

Become a partner and encourage
your customers to register
on SKU Science.

Get paid

Once your client pays for a SKU
Science account, you'll earn 20%
of the lifetime value.

Cash out every month

We pay for the lifetime value of
the contract. If your referred client
pays SKU Science every month
for four years, you will be paid
every month for four years.

Promotional tools provided

 in different formats


asked questions

We'll pay out a share of the revenue every month for every client you refer to SKU Science.

  • Earn 20 % revenue for sign-ups on a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Refer 10 clients subscribing to the monthly Launch plan and earn $5,976 every year.
  • Refer 10 clients subscribing to the monthly Core plan and earn $11,976 every year.


  • We only stop paying you when the customer you've referred stops using SKU Science.
  • Even if the client stops working with you, that doesn't mean we'll stop paying you.
  • The partner program is open to anyone who recommends and uses     SKU Science to help their clients get better forecasts and demand     planning processes.
  • Ideally, you'll have a group of clients or an audience who need a solution like     SKU Science.
  • Send your affiliate link in your newsletter.
  • Share your affiliate link on your blog.
  • Promote SKU Science on social media.
  • Create videos and promote SKU Science on Youtube.
  • Don't use your affiliate link on coupon and deals sites.
  • Don't use your affiliate link for your own purchases.
  • Don't spam. Ever.