Affiliate Program SKU Science

Earn commissions while helping us


How it works

Encourage your customers 

Become a partner and encourage
your customers to register
on SKU Science.

Get paid

Once your client pays for a SKU
Science account, you'll earn 20%
during 2 years.

Cash out every month

We pay for 2 years of contract.
If your referred client pays
SKU Science every month
for 2 years, you will be paid
every month for 2 years.

Promotional tools provided

 in different formats


Frequently asked questions

We'll pay out a share of the revenue every month for every client you refer to SKU Science.

  • Earn 20 % revenue for sign-ups on a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Refer 10 clients subscribing to the monthly Launch plan and earn $8,376 every year for 2 years.
  • Refer 10 clients subscribing to the monthly Core plan and earn $17,976 every year for 2 years.


  • We only stop paying you when the customer you've referred stops using SKU Science or after 2 years.
  • Even if the client stops working with you, that doesn't mean we'll stop paying you.
  • The partner program is open to anyone who recommends and uses SKU Science to help their clients get better forecasts and demand planning processes.
  • Ideally, you'll have a group of clients or an audience who need a solution like SKU Science.
  • Contact us when you refer SKU Science to one of your contacts.